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Beach Trip – July 2015

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Year 4 visited Crosby Beach and The Liverpool World Museum today. Did you enjoy your day?


IMG_4279 IMG_4275 IMG_4259 (Medium) IMG_4257 (Medium) IMG_4266 (Medium) IMG_4244 (Medium) IMG_4248 (Medium) IMG_4275 (Medium) IMG_4277 (Medium) IMG_4279 (Medium) IMG_4281 (Medium)

Poetry Week

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Next week we are really excited to be participating in a poetry competition within the whole school – and of course we want year 4 to win! Children have already started practising their poems ready for the competition on Thursday 9th July. 4A are learning ‘Treasures on the Beach’ and 4T are learning ‘The Pirate Poodle’. Make sure you practise your lines ready for the big day!

Mr Tarry and Miss Lieberman

Solar Eclipse

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Millions of people in the UK and northern Europe have glimpsed the best solar eclipse in years, with large areas plunging into deep shadow. What did you enjoy most about the eclipse? Can we explain why they occur?


Building a City

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Both year 4 classrooms were turned into a building site on Tuesday afternoon as both classes began constructing their buildings. The children have carefully planned and designed their own building and have just begun the making process. This links in with our topic ‘We love Manchester’. We will look forward to seeing our final city in a few weeks time!

Shape in Maths

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Year 4 have been looking closely at different 2D shapes this week. We looked at lines of symmetry, right angles and whether the shape was regular or irregular.


IMG_0482 IMG_0481 IMG_0475

4T World Book Day

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Safer Internet Day

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We designed posters expressing our views on cyber bullying. Both Year 4 classes came up with some fantastic ideas. Here is Lucy’s poster from 4T.



We discussed what we should do if we received or saw a nasty message online, and who we should talk to if we were concerned about online activity.


Anthony Gormley Art Work

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We have been busy creating our own masterpieces over the past 6 weeks, thanks to the help of Mrs Richardson. We have been focusing on the artist Antony Gormley, and the two pieces we used as inspiration were ‘The Angel of the North’ and ‘The Field’. Here are our results compared with the real pieces.


142538-004-E60DA8E5 Antony-Gormley-at-Barrington-Court-279 IMG_0442

Times Tables

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This game is to help improve the speed of recalling our times tables. Choose the table you wish to practice and record your scores on the table Mr Tarry and Miss Lieberman gave you. Good luck and enjoy!

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